Need to get a parrot or conure and teach it to say ‘Twily.’


Just a reminder that I sometimes sing, and rarely sing well. BECAUSE YOU NEEDED TO BE REMINDED OR SOME STUPID CRAP HAHA -ends life-

So, Shining... reason why you joined the guard? Anything special?
Dear Shining Armor, when will you stop being such a huge NERRRRD
yo shining is it true you were caught being lewd in your quarters with six guards at once
Dear Prince Shining. What do you do all day while Cadence is busy with special alIcorn princess stuff? Any hobbies?

( I couldn’t keep a straight face during this. Sorry. YOU KNOW WHY CREAM )

Is it yours? If it is, then yes.
( Idk. Ask Shining things. )

( Idk. Ask Shining things. )

More Shining Armor and company goodness, this time something a bit more sugary sweet.

Cast: Teen Shining Armor ( Myself) ; Filly Twilight ( ChiChi ); Teen Cadence ( EileMonty )

Music by EileMonty

Original Comic by : MangaKa-Girl

Stay tuned. I’ve got one more dub collab with EileMonty coming up soon!

Comic dub I did as Shining Armor, with EileMonty playing Chrysalis and Princess Cadence.

Original comic by CSIMadMax!