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C-Captain Aquilinus?

Yeah, I know of him! He’s only the bravest, coolest stallion that I’ve ever heard of! He’s my hero!

Ah..hah, sorry about that. The Legend of Captain Aquilinus is well known to me. He was my colthood idol, and one of the reasons I wanted to become a guard in the first place. Call it hero-worship if you want, but the stories my dad told me about him have always stuck with me in one way or another.

I mean, come on! The guy fought dragons, gryphons, outlaws and bandits, and I heard he wasn’t too shabby with the fillies either. How could you not admire a stallion with that kind of reputation? Aquilinus was fearless and brave…though I heard a couple of tales that stated he was deathly afraid of this one castle chef. Can’t be true though. No way.

Sadly…he’s only a storybook character. I’d like to think I’ve outgrown such things since then, but if Aquilinus ever existed, I would shake that stallion’s hoof -hard-…and probably ramble like an idiot about how amazing he is.

Aw, geeze. I think I’m blushing. Can we just consider these questions done? I’ve gotta get back to my station.

(( For those who don’t know, Aquilinus ( http://askaquilinus.tumblr.com/ ) is a Captain of the Guard OC that was around a long time before Shining Armor was even announced to the public. The guy meticulously built his tumblr around awesome world-building , and he was one of the people that inspired me to make my WildCard tumblr. ))

(( He’s a good friend of mine, and out of respect for him, my Shining Armor doesn’t exist in the same universe as his Captain character. Instead, he’s a tale of legend and heroics, as you can see. ))

(( Art in BG of pic is done by : asksweetcream.tumblr.com ))