More Shining Armor and company goodness, this time something a bit more sugary sweet.

Cast: Teen Shining Armor ( Myself) ; Filly Twilight ( ChiChi ); Teen Cadence ( EileMonty )

Music by EileMonty

Original Comic by : MangaKa-Girl

Stay tuned. I’ve got one more dub collab with EileMonty coming up soon!

Comic dub I did as Shining Armor, with EileMonty playing Chrysalis and Princess Cadence.

Original comic by CSIMadMax!

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(( Something I whipped up quickly to hold you over till I do a page of the comic with some other VAs. A fake, intentionally cheesy ‘commercial’ advertising the new MLP comic, featuring Shining Armor ruminating over high school and winning Cadance’s heart! I based it off those previews for all those dumb after school specials from the 90’s, all upbeat and goofy. ))

(( All voices and editing done by me. Music is copyrighted to the original artist ( you’ll know when you hear ). Special thanks to Rusty Nail for help with the script and 80’s references. Comic and characters property of Hasbro blah blah. ))


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Chapter 1 - Pains of the Past

Cast :

Princess Cadence - Ogatamon

Shining Armor - Shining Armor Reports



(( I have no pic for this audio post, so have a default one of Shining and Cadence. Woo! ))

(( So yes, the first Chapter of the actual -story- of this blog. A dinner gone awry; is Shining Armor having trouble letting things go? What kind of wedge will this create in his relationship with Princess Cadence? And what sort of plan does he have for those who attempted to sabotage his Wedding? ))

(( Major kudos to the lovely Ogatamon as the voice of Princess Cadence. She did a spectacular job, and deserves so much praise! A fellow voice actor , she’s well known for dubbing Japanese episodes of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic and being a fantastic VA in general. You can find her Youtube and tumblr by clicking here, and here. ))

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Whoah, a-ha…I appreciate the well wishes, friend, but lets not jump ahead too far here. We just got married, after all. Having foals off the bat is rushing it juuust a bit. Especially because…well…

Look , it’s been tough since the whole…Changeling incident. What happened is still fresh in our heads. Nothing that traumatic simply goes away. Cadence could have died, and me…well, I could have ended being stuck with that horrible creature , living a lie forever.

Sometimes, when Cadence is sleeping, I can plainly see the nightmares she experiences just through her expressions. I know she’s thinking about what happened, and what could have been. She’ll wake up, looking even more tired than when she went to sleep. She’s not the only one, though…

Cadence is in no position to bear children, at least not yet. Perhaps soon, or whenever we’re, er — I mean, she’s ready.

(( Character development! >:U Slightly different mastering on this track. Trying new effects out.  ))