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Shining Armor Super Anime Attack Bear is Driving GO!

Mod : Shining Armor , beaten up and war-torn, squares off with Chrysalis and her Changeling hive in a dramatic last stand! Complete with anime-typical dialogue and an over the top final attack.

I felt I needed to post at least SOMETHING amusing here to provide some fleeting entertainment, so I did this. I grew out of my anime phase a long time ago, but Shining Armor screams typical bishi hero. The voice; the look; the personality…it’s all there! I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile now, and finally acted on it. It was fun practice! I actually wanted to be at this point in my own story by now, but, such is life. Hope you enjoy.


Picture is by the precious bab, asksweetcream .

Music is from the original japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh.

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" Well. This is kind of…awkward, but despite what happened, I won’t jump to conclusions just yet. I didn’t get to be Captain from having horrible deduction skills."

 ” From what I’ve heard multiple universes on here cross over a lot. Even Twiley’s told me she’s met other versions of herself…some not so wholesome.”

" Following that, there’s always another way to see if you’re a Changeling or not. Think fast! "

 * sound of horn charging up ; magic burst *

" Just a harmless burst of arcane magic. A real Changeling would have untransformed and freaked out. Seems like you’re clear, Captain. Congratulations, on your own wedding. Just…keep out of this universe enough so Cadence and Twiley don’t get confused, alright? "

(( Mod Note: There will be unique, drawn artwork for this blog, but while I’m waiting for my artist to recover from a recent injury I thought I’d try and answer at least a couple of these through reaction pics/voice. ))

(( Also, this is really good practice! Helps me practice his voice outside of show lines. Thanks for the question, Captain Shining Armor. :D ))

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edit: Outdated voice. Newer posts have better renditions.

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(( This blog will kick off in a week or two, once I get some things settled with my main blog and other distractions. For now: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. ))

(( Just a rendition of Shining Armor’s freakout on Twilight after she scares off Fake!Cadance. Slowly getting better at this voice. Higher tone seems to make it sound closer. ))