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Shining Armor Super Anime Attack Bear is Driving GO!

Mod : Shining Armor , beaten up and war-torn, squares off with Chrysalis and her Changeling hive in a dramatic last stand! Complete with anime-typical dialogue and an over the top final attack.

I felt I needed to post at least SOMETHING amusing here to provide some fleeting entertainment, so I did this. I grew out of my anime phase a long time ago, but Shining Armor screams typical bishi hero. The voice; the look; the personality…it’s all there! I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile now, and finally acted on it. It was fun practice! I actually wanted to be at this point in my own story by now, but, such is life. Hope you enjoy.


Picture is by the precious bab, asksweetcream .

Music is from the original japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh.

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I’m not sure I like Shining’s new look…
~ C xx

((Did this after talking with the mod of Shining Armor Reports upon seeing the new pictures from Season 3. Wtf does Shiny have on his head, seriously…?))

((On a side note, the new episode will be done soon, I hope! I’m so sorry for the delay but hopefully it’s worth the wait!))

(( Something quick and silly. Fastest project we’ve ever done. LIGHTNING SPEED. Are we topical yet!? ))

Edit: (( The Season 3 premiere came and went, and we know now we had goggles for helping to see in the snow. But when we did this, we only had that TINY screenshot to work with…and now we know! It did kind of look like a hat though. ))

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Shining Armor Mod’s Tipsy Practice Session! -

WARNING : Excessive NSFW Content and Twili-ing

(aka, please don’t let him drink and get near a microphone)

Length: 6 minutes, 35 seconds

Music:  Welcome to Ponyville - (c) Hasbro

Rating: NSFW - Censored cursing, but uncensored, mature dialogue. A lot of sexual content spoken about.

(( Oh, lawdy. So, I got into the vodka a little while ago and , lo and behold, I naturally wandered over to the microphone to practice some Shining Armor, primarily his lines from the show as I usually do for voice conditioning. I was doing it to prep my voice for some request tracks but it…apparently ended up being a very dirty commentary with some improv. A lot like the stream, just with me talking to myself. So healthy! Also, much Twili abuse, because you know what it makes their relationship more believable. ALRIGHT? >8V ))

(( I know you folks love bloopers and silliness, so here you go. Yes, it is definitely NSFW. I’M AN ADULT(physically) LET ME BE AN ADULT ;3; Also, I didn’t edit the actual track much so it’s a little rough around the edges. ))

(( I’ll very very rarely post anything like this on the actual blog, but, what can I say: drunk VA’ing is super fun. I giggle a lot when I’m buzzed so, sorry for the constant GEEHEEHEE in this. ))


Ask Big Mac-Big Bro Hoof’n (by AskBigMac) (CC available for the hearing impaired.)

Apple Spice’s Big Macintosh & Shining Armor answer Tumblr questions from Elecscuttle1 , Righteous-hoof, Ask-Fluttershy123, Jcfmrichmond, and A Nonny Mouse about being a big brother.

Art created for ask big mac by: Zukiuke

BBBFF (Toastwaffle’s Remix)
Mp3 available on YouTube site

Shining Armor:
TheRumMuffin/Wild Card
Vector Art by:

Art by:

Pegaus Guard
“Some Person”
Art by:

My Little Pony Owned by Hasbro.
The show was developed for television by Lauren Faust.

(Click for Ask Video Archives!)

(( My crossover with Applespice Big Mac! Real talented and fun guy to work with. Go check him out for yourself! He runs a voice blog also and actually answers questions. » ))

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Chapter 1 - Pains of the Past

Cast :

Princess Cadence - Ogatamon

Shining Armor - Shining Armor Reports



(( I have no pic for this audio post, so have a default one of Shining and Cadence. Woo! ))

(( So yes, the first Chapter of the actual -story- of this blog. A dinner gone awry; is Shining Armor having trouble letting things go? What kind of wedge will this create in his relationship with Princess Cadence? And what sort of plan does he have for those who attempted to sabotage his Wedding? ))

(( Major kudos to the lovely Ogatamon as the voice of Princess Cadence. She did a spectacular job, and deserves so much praise! A fellow voice actor , she’s well known for dubbing Japanese episodes of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic and being a fantastic VA in general. You can find her Youtube and tumblr by clicking here, and here. ))

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Though we do seem numerous and almost everywhere at once, Royal Guards aren’t exactly an infinite resource. We can’t spare too many soldiers to go and act as personal bodyguards for every noble that needs an escort to the market.

Princess Celestia has her personal envoy of guards, but they’re mainly implemented for procession and crowd control during public events. I oversee the bulk of the guard, and typically don’t let them deviate from their usual routine unless something truly important comes up , like a death in the family or a serious illness.

The only time we usually ‘rent out’ Guards to nobles is if they are under house arrest for some sort of petty crime—which happens more often than you’d think— or part of a transport that seems like a vulnerable target to ponies with ill intent. Some nobles often try to bribe us with ludicrous amounts of bits to accompany them for unimportant escapades, but I stand on a firm ‘No Tolerance’ policy.

The Royal Guard is here to protect the community and uphold the law. We’re not mercenaries.

(( Did Shining’s voice a teeny bit less ‘surfer’ here, since he’s being professional/explanatory. Sorry if this is boring because BLAHBLAH MILITARY STUFF, but it needed to be done. >:O ))

(( Custom art will be soon. Artist is still recovering. I hate using stock pics. ))

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Whoah, a-ha…I appreciate the well wishes, friend, but lets not jump ahead too far here. We just got married, after all. Having foals off the bat is rushing it juuust a bit. Especially because…well…

Look , it’s been tough since the whole…Changeling incident. What happened is still fresh in our heads. Nothing that traumatic simply goes away. Cadence could have died, and me…well, I could have ended being stuck with that horrible creature , living a lie forever.

Sometimes, when Cadence is sleeping, I can plainly see the nightmares she experiences just through her expressions. I know she’s thinking about what happened, and what could have been. She’ll wake up, looking even more tired than when she went to sleep. She’s not the only one, though…

Cadence is in no position to bear children, at least not yet. Perhaps soon, or whenever we’re, er — I mean, she’s ready.

(( Character development! >:U Slightly different mastering on this track. Trying new effects out.  ))

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Before she left Canterlot to attend to the Summer Sun Celebration , Twilight sought me out and confessed a lot of uncertainty over the tasks she’d been given. Even though Twilight is Princess Celestia’s best student and personal apprentice, she’s incredibly vulnerable when it comes to balancing huge tasks and decisions.

Naturally, I stepped in to help guide her.

What I told her that day, I still believe. There is no substitute for friendship, whether it be a job, a time-consuming hobby, or something simple like…a book. Twilight had become engrossed in all those things. She and I had a special bond, sure, but she had never made that sort of connection with anypony outside of the family.

At first, she didn’t understand — or I guess she didn’t choose to. Clearly, things are different now.

My responsibilities keep me from seeing my little sister as much as I used to, so I’m glad there are finally others who help her feel loved and secure when I can’t fill that void.  

(( Picture is taken from this artist’s comic , so all credit goes to them : http://veggie55.deviantart.com/art/Little-Sister-Best-Friend-Forever-Commission-298910728  ))

(( Audio is credit to me of course 8’D ))